Strong African American Families


The SAAF project strives to adapt a racial-specific parent-child substance use education intervention for Black families in Paterson & East Orange, New Jersey, which can promote family bonding, communication, and supervision. This approach will also acknowledge racial and ethnic-specific norms, values, and pride. The adaptation of this intervention will be designed based on the needs of Black parents and their children and direct input from them as stakeholders.


Acknowledgment of funding source

❖ Family Involvement in Recovery Support and Treatment (FIRST) Scholars Program (R24DA051946; PI: Aaron Rogue).


Mandated reporting is meant to keep children safe. It requires that those who work with children—health professionals, social workers, and teachers, among others—report any reasonable suspicion of child maltreatment, and gives them the anonymity to do so freely. When done under appropriate circumstances, mandated reporting supports children’s social, emotional and physical health.

As a caretaker for her parents, Latasha Matthews has had to find unique ways to connect with them as they age, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.Matthews, a 49-year-old Black woman from Lawrenceville, Georgia, turned to creative projects to bond with her parents who are both in their 70s. For her, having these precious moments with family are what encapsulates Black joy.