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Programming Questions

The Substances and Sexual Health (SASH) Lab is a social science and behavioral health research lab located at Yale School of Public Health. The SASH Lab was founded by Dr. Ijeoma Opara in 2020 with funding from the NIH Director’s Early Independence Award. Dr. Opara moved her lab from Stony Brook University to Yale University School of Public Health in July 2021. The SASH Lab consists of multiple projects that focus on substance use and sexual health research that uses strengths-based approaches.

We are located at the Yale School of Public Health on 47 College Street, Suite 18, New Haven, Connecticut

Yes, our resources page is constantly being updated. Please visit here (Resources)


We accept applications for research assistants on a rolling basis. Feel free to email your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest for joining the lab: thesashlab@yale.edu

If you are interested in a Postdoctoral fellow position under the supervision of Dr. Ijeoma Opara, you are free to contact her directly at:  ijeoma.opara@yale.edu. You may also consider applying to one of the two training fellowships that Dr. Opara is affiliated at Yale. These fellowships are funded by the National Institutes of Health and provide financial support for at least 2 years for eligible postdocs.
Yale AIDS Preventing Training
Division of Prevention and Community Research

We unfortunately are not able to sponsor international students at this time. However, international students who are current students at Yale are able to be considered for a research assistant position in the lab. Please review Yale’s employment for international student policy here: https://oiss.yale.edu/employment-taxes/employment-for-international-students/employment-for-f-1-students

While a majority of our lab members are Yale students, we have a diverse team of students who work with us from New Jersey and New York and attend other universities in the Tri-State area. Feel free to email thesashlab@yale.edu if you are interested in joining our lab!

Becoming a lab affiliate is by invitation only. If  you think your expertise would benefit a possible collaboration with The SASH Lab, please email your CV to us at: thesashlab@yale.edu

Establish in 2022, The Community Research Fellow in Training program is a way to allow community leaders to have a seat at the table and be in the co-leading process of study design, data collection. Our inaugural fellows have been longtime partners of our work in New Jersey.

Fundraising and Donations

Thank you! We are so grateful that you are considering supporting our work so we can continue to create successful prevention programs for urban youth of color. Since our lab is housed at Yale University, all donations for lab-related research will have to be processed through the Yale donations office. Please feel free to contact: https://ysph.yale.edu/about-school-of-public-health/charitable-opportunities/contact-us/

Thank you for considering donating to the scholarship fund for Black girls! If you would like to donate specifically to the scholarship fund, please contact Dr. Opara directly at: ijeoma.opara@yale.edu